Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally Freed Up!

So I've been super busy these last two weeks with my chorus preparing for contest and a lot of other things involving my new job with Sprint.  But things have finally calmed down and I can get back to my blog more consistently.

My chorus, The Sound of the Rockies, won our district contest this weekend with a scoring average of 90.8% which is a record high for us in districts.  It is lower than our scoring average at internationals in July where we scored a 92.3, but this contest was merely so we could qualify for next years international contest.

We also had a good turn out in the quartet contest where the top ten quartets were almost nothing but quartets from the Denver area, all of which had membership with Sound of the Rockies.  The first place winning quartet was from out of state, but 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place went to Denver quartets.  I've posted some videos below from the contest of some the quartets that competed this weekend.  Enjoy!  These are videos I took from my tiny little digital camcorder....

I'll be posting comic related stuff like reviews, news, etc first thing tomorrow!

2nd place quartet, Revolution

Genetic Harmony.  These guys weren't actually competing.  The lead and bass are the current international champions in another quartet and decided to just put together a "just for fun" quartet and sing for evaluation only.  But it turns out they posted a score that would have given them a 3rd place finish.  the baritone is the father of the lead and the tenor is the son of the bass.

Storm Front!  These guys are the current international champion quartet and they are from our district.  The lead sing in the chorus and the baritone is our director.  They are, without a doubt, one of the funniest quartets in the history of the barbershop harmony society.  Since they are the current international champs who won in July, the district decided to give them a special spot in the show after the contest was done.  If you are familiar with barbershoppers, you'll relate to this video very well...

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