Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wonder Woman Makes Her Television Comeback

The Lynda Carter days of Wonder Woman have long since past, but still her image lingers on on connection to her role as the Amazon Warrior Princess.  As much as I love (hate) Carter's depiction of the heroine, I've been wonderfully ecstatic at how much the character as evolved into the respected comic book woman depicted in the current comic book run.  My only hope was that one day people could think of Wonder Woman and not be tormented by that awful show from the min 1970's.  And hallelujah, my prays have been answered.

According to (and the rest of the nerd webring) a new Wonder Woman TV series is in the works with writer David E. Kelley helming the script writing and producing.  I saw this (at 7:00 am, ugh) and got SUPER excited, followed shortly by worry and concern.  Wonder Woman might just be one of the most difficult characters to portray correctly for any actress.  Like Superman, she bares a costume resembling the American flag and is known for her corny one liners from the golden and silver age.  There aren't very many people outside the comic book world who knows of the changes Wonder Woman has gone through and I'm afraid the series might turn into a farce unworthy of Wonder Woman's change of character.

I certainly hope Kelley enlists the assistance of Gail Simone who bolted Wonder Woman into the hero she is now.  Already Warner Bros. has ruined a title with that Simone signature attached to it with the God awful show, Birds of Prey.  Smallville is popular, but still doesn't do Superman Justice, and is another prime example of how Warner has continually torn down the image of DC superheroes in ways I can't describe.  Wonder Woman now faces that same scrutiny.  I can only hope Kelley has plans to make this new Wonder Woman series a mature show that will start a change in any future shows DC plans to make in the near future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Click Wonder Woman's Photo to visit the web article about the new proposed TV show.

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  1. I don't think they ruined Superman with Smallville. At it's original core it was supposed to be a teenage type drama following what it was like for Clark Kent growing up and doing it in sort of the Buffy mold. So you were going to have something weird happening every week.

    Eventually, when they started running out of things to do, they started to incorporate Superman mythos into it. Sure, it isn't "accurate" by any means, but it certainly makes the episodes more fun. I think most comic fans like the direction of the show over the last few seasons versus the original few seasons because it contains some more superhero characters and such.