Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zack Synder To Direct Next Superman Film

That's right!  It's true!  Zack Snyder has been officially hired as the director of the upcoming Superman film.  Snyder, more recently known for his work on Watchmen, got his name out there from the success of Spartan film, 300.  While I'm sure DC and Warner feel this cinematic decision to be perfect, already the news has been met with skepticism and scrutiny.

On the DC Comics Facebook group,talk is already flowering about as to whether or not Snyder will do the Man of Steel justice.  Many feel that he is more about the style and visual aspect rather that the substance and content.  This sentiment is definitely true of Snyder to a certain extent as he continually produces films that radiate with visual mastery.  So the question does remain, will Snyder's CG talents overshadow the storytelling?

Other confirmations include the popular Christopher Nolan as producer for the Superman film.  Confidence arises around the net that Nolan, famous for his Nolanized Batman universe, will keep a close eye on Snyder and ensure that Superman will be served to the public correctly.

As for me, I think Nolan has all the potential in the world and can pull off a fantastic Superman film.  We all know his film making skills are exceptional which is what a Superman film needs.  His experience with giving audiences a film with a lot of story has yet to be proven with the exception of Watchmen.  Do not doubt Snyder Superman fans!  Innocent until proven guilty!

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