Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bloggers Of Note: Girls Gone Geek

Did you guys know that there are a shit ton of comic book bloggers out there?  I'm sure the majority of my readers already knew this.  While most of the comic book blogs out on the world wide web are fairly to somewhat interesting, there is only a handful of them that actually put a lot of time and care into what the is written.  This go 'round, I would like to honor a site that might just be one of the best written fan blogs out there, Girls Gone Geek!

What's interesting is, the two authors, Vanessa G. and E. Peterman, typically post a lot of interesting facts and nostalgic paraphernalia and write down their thoughts, a lot of the time pondering on the "What If" factor.  One of the most refreshing aspects about GGG is how much respect and love they show towards the genre, always treating it as a legitimate form of artistic literature and acting as if the rest of the non-comic lovers around the world don't even exist.  They have, it seems, a very healthy mindset when it comes to comics in general.

Another amazing aspect of E and Vannessa's blog is the incredible amount of diversity within their posts.  I mean, of course, the diversity of topics and interests that flow through their writing.  This is not a blog like any other and WILL keep your interests flowing as nothing is ever the least not enough for the blog to develop predictable trends, like mine does.

I have not met these two women but hopefully one day at a comic convention (assuming I get to go to one sooner rather than later) I can shake their hands and enjoy chatting about all things geekified and nerdily.  Please, if you haven't done so already, stop by Girls Gone Geek and show them some love!


  1. Heretic: Thank you SO much for the blog love. We really appreciate your sincere compliments, and it makes us happy that you enjoy our work. It's a labor of love, so it means a lot when someone responds so positively.

  2. E and V have one of the best blogs I've seen and one of the most fun to read. They're fantasic writers and gracious hosts as well and are well deserving of the accolades.