Thursday, December 23, 2010

Harry Potter Bares All In Equus

Daniel Radcliffe takes a broad leap in his acting career with the famous Broadway production, Equus.  But instead of focusing on the quality of the play in and of itself, people seem to be more concerned as to whether or not Radcliffe is jeopardizing his career with such a revealing role.  Sure, an actor or actress can be a huge factor in whether or not the play/movie sells, but instead of focus on an actor's choice of roll, why can't we look at how good the production is?  It's a very frustrating for me to think Equus could be overshadowed by Radcliffe and his career as a boy actor.  Oh well, only time will tell how things turn out.

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  1. You're a couple of years late on this story. I wrote a paper on this my first year in grad school. lol