Sunday, July 11, 2010

Comic Book Review: JSA All-Stars #8

Book Information
Written by Matthew Sturges
Penciled by Freddie Williams II
Colored by Richard and Tanya Horie
Lettered by Pat Brosseau
Cover by Freddie Williams II

My Awe-Inspiring Opinion
Finally! JSA All-Stars is finding its stride! Now that the annoyingly idiotic Magog is gone, the team can finally focus on actually accomplishing some good instead of going into fights without thinking first. Matthew Sturges is quite the writer and very creative, but this series really took some time getting on its feet. It seems Power Girl now holds command and is bringing in her brand of crime fighting elitism into the mix, which bodes well for the team’s future. However, with the “tooth and nail” mindset being thrown out of the window, I wonder how this new version of the JSA will differ from that of its counterpart.

The two teams seem to have similar goals now. The militaristic focus in the All-Stars has been replaced by a more compassionate approach, focusing on the “friends and family” aspect of the team, something Magog never slightly entertained. Power Girl, commanding that same level of respect that Wonder Woman has had for so many years, will be able to lead this team with a much more compassionate and loving fervor, something the All-Stars needed to have in place within their leader. In fact, every hero on this team seems to be much more in tune with the relationship building within the team rather than fighting crime with no intimate connection and family orientation. Even the cold-shouldered King Chimera seems to have a soft spot for our young and freckled Cyclone. But I would like ask DC Comics this…how is this going to differ from the other JSA team? I truly like what Mr. Sturges is doing with this title, but this really does seem like more of money making scam by having two JSA titles. But what’s worse…I’m totally going to buy into it! DAMN ME TO HELL!!! I guess that speaks to Matthew Sturges’ writing quality huh?

The art from issue #1 was WAY over the top. Freddie Williams II had a knack for created unproportional body types that either had way over exaggerated physical features and looked more like prunes. Williams since then has progressively toned it down so much that his characters look much happier and lovely, which makes it much more pleasant to look at and enjoy. But then something happened that killed it for me! I can’t tell if Cyclone was actually clawed and sliced in half, or if there’s just some red, mucky mess on her shirt that will develop into some bad stain that will annoy her to death. If I had my scanner working, I’d totally put it up here, but I guess this means you’ll have to buy the issue and see for yourself huh? (Yes, my plan is working!)

On a much lighter note, I have to say that Roxy is my new favorite minor character in any comic. She is absolutely hilarious and a joy to have on the team, but she doesn’t become overbearing within the stories. She’s just the right amount of comic relief needed for this angst driven title and I hope she’s stays around forever! (I’ll betcha Barbara Gordon and her would get into it all the time!)

My Profoundly Climactic Conclusion
Ok, so I don’t really know why there are two JSA teams, but Sturges is really starting to deliver with the All-Stars. The team development and character developments have so much potential now that I think I’m going to become a hard-core All-Stars fan for life! Keep it up Sturges!

Writing: 9
Themes: 9
Art: 8.5
Overall: 8.83 out of 10

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