Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Artists Corner...Amanda Conner

I love Amanda Conner.  I'm jealous that Jimmy Palmiotti gets to hang out with her frequently.  Why do I love her?  Because her art is among some of the most unique in the industry.  While Francis Manapul got my top spot for Best artist of 2010, Amanda Conner will always remain my favorite.  She's masterful at giving each character that cartoony feel within making it feel kiddish.

Her work on Power Girl was tremendous but met with utter disappointed as she and her writing cohorts decided to leave the Power Girl title after only one year.  The new team has been doing a fantastic job filling the artistic shoes of Amanda Conner, but without her...It just doesn't feel the same.

Amanda Conner most definitely had the best cover of 2010 with Power Girl #10, displaying just how awesome PG is and why we all love her.

And now, as a special bonus, here is a motion comic short based off of the fun and twisted graphic novel by Garth Ennis...The Pro.  Enjoy.  If you get easily offended...Don't watch!

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