Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Artist of 2010...Francis Manapul

Sometimes it's hard for me to pick who I think made the top spot for best artist for the entire year.  There's so many good ones out there and they all do there part in giving stories life and gusto.  Amanda Conner and Gary Frank were close contenders, followed closely by Frank Quietly.  But there is no doubt in my mind as to who wins the title for this year.

In 2009 I picked Ed Benes, but he only worked on very few comics that year; it made me feel the need to alter my requirements for being the Heretic's Blog pick for best artist.  Well this year I think I got it right!  Say hello to the best artist of 2010, Mr. Francis Manapul! (applause!)

He hasn't been working in comics that long based on the information I was able to scrounge up on him, (that's right Manapul, I'm your personal stalker!)  but in 2007 he signed a contract with DC comics and has worked on some very popular titles like Legion of Superheroes, Superman/Batman and Adventure Comics.  While his career with DC is very short, he's definitely made a mark for himself within the comic book world and is progressively rising.

I should note that he has a resume with some very well-to-do comic book companies such as Aspen, Top Cow and Image Comics.  All of which truly help him boost into the artist spotlight today.

I've chosen Manapul as 2010's best artist mainly for his work in the 3rd volume of the Flash title.  For those familiar with his work, Manapul's style is unique and edgy, always pronouncing that "sketched out" look.  Most other artists out there take time to make everything they do exceptionally clean with extra smooth lines.  This isn't bad by any means, it's the way I draw for pete's sake!  But Manapul gives us something fresh and different to look at while enjoying our comic reading experience.  I hope to be at a comic book convention where he attends so I can shake his hand and tell him how much I enjoy his artwork.

Below are a few of his pieces, enjoy!

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