Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Writer of 2010...Gail Simone

Geoff Johns may be the grafting agent of DC, but Gail Simone is it's heart.  DC landed on a gold mine when they first hired her to write for the company, and very few regrets and complaints come from fan reviews on the internet.

Simone takes advantage of every aspect of the human condition known to human kind as she leads the charge in Women comics for DC.  She changed the way comic book fans look at Wonder Woman, and has changed the meaning of being a bad guy with her work on Secret Six, and consistently produces quality work unmatched by any other writer in the genre.

There have been a few titles I've read by her that I haven't been particularly fond of, but that doesn't mean she wasn't writing it well.  Birds of Prey has been written exceptionally well, but it hasn't really "grabbed" me yet.  I wasn't quite sure what would happen in Birds of Prey and the White Canary, but I think Simone has finally put this title in a place where I can hop on board and enjoy the ride!

To be honest, however, there isn't anything Simone has done yet that I haven't enjoyed.  While she's at her best when delving into the much more serious side of her stories, there's never a lack of humor and the right amount of campiness to give her arcs enough balance to keep from being too overwhelming.  If you haven't discovered Gail Simone yet, don't wait any longer!  You'll thank me, I promise.


  1. This is an amazing article. Gail is an amazing writer, not only in the comic realm of writers, but in the world-wide realm of writers. I was hooked at my first comic, but since have scoured the net for anything that has her byline. She is more than a comic-book writer. She influences thousands as she gives voice to current events as viewed by an empathetic, concerned and equal-rights proponent. She is also an American, but I think she may have fantasies of having been born Canadian.

  2. I completely agree. Her writing hits me just right. She is so much better than most writers out there because her stories all make sense going from month to month. many other writers seem to loose their focus and much of the arcs become confusing and out of place. Simone's stories have always come together perfectly.