Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wonder Woman TV Series put on hold

Numerous factors came into play when deciding to pull the plug on the Wonder Woman TV Series; cost, difficulty finding appropriate actors, and no networks agreeing to take the show into their already hectic and limited time slots.  Entertainment Weekly has more to say on the issue.

I was never quite sure what I thought of the whole Wonder Woman TV show endeavor, it was already failed as a show and the acting was piss poor too.  As cliche as it sounds, having Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman would be the only appropriate actress I can think of for this role; she's old enough, gorgeous enough, and has so much personality that I find it difficult to believe anyone else could play Wonder Woman effectively.  The only problem of course would be whether or not fans would get distracted because of her past as Xena, Warrior Princess.

Though the bigger question is, why isn't Warner Bros. actively pursuing and creating a Wonder Woman film?  I was really hoping that it would at least be in production at this point, even before Green Lantern.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited for Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but Wonder Woman really does need to have a mature film made that will help people forget about the awful 1975 TV series with Lynda Carter.  Batman and Superman have been ruling the big screen for too long, Give Diana her spotlight.

Thanks to a youtube film editor, Editninja, I found this fan made film trailer that used pieces of random movie clips to promote the idea of a new Wonder Woman film.  It's actually quite well done.  I'm sure you'll all be able to recognize which movie clips are being used, but Editninja did a fantastic job in splicing it all together in a seemless manner.  enjoy!

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