Friday, November 13, 2009

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #42

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman
Variant cover by Greg Horn
Blackest Night continues to shock and alarm!  The thousands of existing Black Lanterns storm the central power battery and attempt to destroy the Green Lantern Corp’s main source of power.  The GL Corps fight with all their might to stop the over powering Black Lanterns with no victory.  Only one thing can be done, a sacrifice must be made.  But who?

My Thoughts
Finally, an issue of Green Lantern Corps I can finish and read multiple times, it was that good!  Tomasi finally delivers a story that doesn’t give its readers a huge sense of disconnect and random character storyline that made this title drag ever since Blackest night began.  From beginning to end I was taken by surprise by the complexity of this issue, and by the forward motion that the story is finally taking.  Having well written and strong character moments is a vital part of making a story great, and with all we find in this issue, the characters have never felt stronger.

Kilowag’s emotional breakdown, filled with rage and sadness, was an unexpected usage of story.  I think Kilowag has had the most difficult time dealing with dead friends and loves one rising from the grave to kill everyone.  As strong as he is, Tomasi shows even the strongest and most willed of us all have issues in dealing with death.

And speaking of death, what a blow to find Kyle Rayner dead, sacrificing himself to save the corps and the central battery.  Out of all the people on my list I thought could kick the bucket in this series, Kyle never even made a cameo!  And what’s worse, that’s how this issue ends, lying in the ground, body mangled and torn from the green explosion.  Top marks go to Tomasi for giving us a complete and unexpected surprise.

The art is good, however overwhelming and chaotic.  Gleeson has a knack for drawing chaos so well that it becomes too much at time.  As I read through each page, sometimes I wondered if the art was matching up with the story Tomasi so geniously wrote.  However, the art still maintains a sense of maturity and greatness.

Definitely one of the best for the month thus far, (second week of November, yay!)  I can’t wait to see if Rayner rises from the dead and how his newly found (secret) girlfriend will deal with his rather sudden and surprising death.

4 out of 5 stars

Next Issue Coming December 16, 2009

Red rain falls! As the Black Lanterns continue their reign of terror and chaos on Oa, things go from bad to worse when a horrible loss for the Green Lantern Corps results in Guy Gardner becoming so enraged that he becomes a Red Lantern! And hell breaks loose as the Central Power Battery faces an attack from the newly arrived Black Lantern Corphans!

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