Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top Ten Comics For October 2009

Alright, so I'm making a few changes in how I do these lists.  From now on, it's just going to be a top ten list for me.  With the number of books I get a month, it's quite a strain to get list put together and still be sain.  so I'm keeping it limited to a top ten list.  If you care to know my thoughts on other comics, or why i didn't place them in the top ten, just shoot me a question/message and I'll answer it.

10. Superman: World Of New Krypton #8
This was an incredibly fun issue; a tribute to the classic fantasy/sci-fi films of old.  I was reminded of films Flash Gordon and other over-the-top story lines that were there for entertainments sake.  This is definitely worthy of a top ten status.

9. Blackest Night: Superman #3 (of 3)
This mini series in the Blackest tory was by far the weakest.  but this particular issue was anything BUT weak.  We discover so much and have so many questions answered at long last.  But at that same token, we are also left with new questions about the Black Lanterns and the prophecy of the Blackest Night.

8. Green Lantern #47
There's a lot of great storyline and art going throughout this issue.  however, it was disappointing to find Abin Sur return and not used to his full potential.  But there are so many good things happening in this book that I was still compelled to place it in the top ten for October.

7. Blackest Night #4 (of 8)
You can't go wrong with a book that finally reveals the bad guy, and has an unexpected death that causes all of it's readers to be fully satisfied, yet pissed off at the same time.

6. Batman and Robin #5
Grant Morrison continue to write great stuff in this series.  However, this issue was the weakest thus far.  But still worthy of a #6 placing.

5. Wonder Woman #37
I was so torn up and conflicted in how to place this issue.  This story itself is great, probably worthy of a top 3 placing.  However, the art was what killed it for me.  Not bad by any means, but didn't mesh well with Simone's writing style.

4. Secret Six #14
Whoever thinks comic books are for kids should read Secret Six, more importantly issue # 14.  This book was incredibly violent and full of angst.  But even with all the gore and sex, Simone still writes dialogue better than most. 

3. Justice Society of America #32
Aside from the rather abrupt and quick ending, this issue blew me away.  I wasn't sure If JSA would make a comeback since Geoff Johns left the title.  But the writing duo of Willingham and Sturges shows off their stuff in #32.

2. Batman #691
Finally, Judd Winick writes a decent Batman story, one of the best of the month for that matter!  It's interesting to see how writers mold villains to show how they both respect and hate their enemies.  In the case of Two-Face, we see him unable to accept that the Batman he knows is replaced by someone else.  And the realization he comes to about himself and the current Batman is amazing.

1. Superman: Secret Origin #2 (of 6)
yeah, this book was fantastic.  the question we have to ask ourselves is "what makes Batman so great?"  And we all know it's because of his tormented and painful past and how he deals with it.  The reason why Batman is so much more popular than Superman is for this very reason.  Superman has very little pain and only has found memories of his childhood.  With this new "secret origin," Johns provides a conflicted past that we can easily relate to.  I'm excited to see how Johns continues to recreate the Superman Origin story.

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  1. Nice choices, Jimmy - be interested to see your thoughts on the future issues of Superman: Secret Origin. Just picked up my first issues of Secret Six, I agree it's great stuff!