Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Ten Hottest Comic Book Females

10. The Invisible Woman
You could almost say that Susan Storm, AKA The Invisible Woman, was my first comic book crush. Back in the day when I read Marvel comics, there was a specific issue of the Fantastic Four where Susan Storm changed her outfit in an attempt to receive more attention from her husband. Before hand, Susan had a one piece suit with the number “4” on the front. But this new one had all the trimmings…literally! Separate leggings, exposed stomach, and the number 4 cut out exposing her breasts. It was at that moment when I decided Susan Storm was great eye candy!

9. Catwoman
For some reason, our culture has equaled feline attributes as being sexy. So many fictionalized stories have depicted the household cats as the sexy, more seductive animals of the world. Selina Kyle holds nothing back in enforcing that cultural phenomenon. However, I believe what reinforces the “sexiness” that always seems to naturally come with the title of Catwoman has a lot to do with how she has been drawn, but more with the actresses chosen to play her. Most notably Michelle Phiffer, who made herself known with her incredible performance as the feline criminal, put Catwoman on the map of comics everywhere. But there is a certain sensuality that is unique and her own that no other female superhero could every live up too.

8. Phoenix
It’s mostly Jean Grey that I find hot as can be. But during her “Dark Phoenix” stage, she became even sexier! I think it’s that “good girl gone bad” fetish most guys have. Jean Grey was pure and good, but when something causes a good girl to go bad, the shallowness of my manlihood takes over and she’s all of the sudden a hottie! Am I wrong guys? C’mon, don’t lie to yourselves.

7. Zatana
What is it about fish net stockings? They just seem to increase the hotness of the female. Other than that, Zatana has this way about her that exceptionally mature, yet incredibly fun, witty and full of life. Plus, her outfit is incredibly different from the rest of her super hero allies. She’s wears a suit coat, fish net stockings, and a top hat! How many super heroes do that? She is one of the more unique and confident super heroes in comics right now.

6. Lois Lane
If there is one female I would never want to piss off in a million years (other than my wife) it would have to be Lois Lane. She is an “in your face, don’t get in my way” kind of female. She will not put up with stupidity and is a very determined individual whose confidence rivals Zatana. Yet, she posses a loving side to her. She’s a person who loves her friends, family and husband. All of this, and she’s quite the looker!

5. Rogue
Oh man, what can I say? She’s the athlete of the ten, the tom boy, the best friend, etc etc. There’s so much life in her that you can’t help but want to hang out and be good friends. But what I think is most intriguing about Rogue is the fact that she has one of the more “human” characteristics. Being unable to touch anyone, she is a very conflicted woman who has gone through so much internal pain that it’s hard to wonder how she deals the hand the life has given her. Yet she perseveres! That and her white streak of hair makes her one of the hottest females in comics.

4. Vixen
You can’t deny that Vixen has come along way in her super hero life. Especially in the Justice League when she temporarily lost her powers and could not explain why! She went through this emotional breakdown, but brought herself back up and is now quite the leader. It’s a shame she wont be returning to the Justice League. (darn you James Robinson!!!) Now, I think one of the things that helps boost her so high is her out fit. I mean c’mon, very low cut and similar skin colored. But I do enjoy her character a lot and will be very sad to see her leave the League. If she gets her own title, I’m totally getting it!

3. Black Canary
The fish nets have won again! But Black Canary is something a little different. We have now reach the top 3, and to reach that, you have to have something that’s a little deeper than just an awesome personality and a sexy outfit. There has to be a radiance that is completely unique to the woman, and Black Canary very much has that. With her sexy way about her, she maintains her confidence and her leadership abilities. I don’t think anyone will ever rival her in how well she ran the JLA. She was the perfect and best leader that worthy of putting down in the archives of comics history. I certainly hope her outfit never changes!

2. Power Girl
No, it is not because of how endowed she is that she made number 2. (it’s because of her legs, duh!) I have always like Power Girl even before she got her current outfit. She’s just a very confidant and posses that Lois Lane characteristics where she does not take crap from anyone. She is a great leader of the JSA and I hope that never changes. Plus, I think she’s the funniest character in the entire DCU. She gets so angry with people and her face always seems contorted in ways that’s funny and cute, but you respect her when she gets angry at the same time. But she has an incredible human side, of not truly knowing where she belongs. With her home planet being destroyed, she has done a wonderful job at making a home here on earth in this dimension.

Wonder Woman
If you didn’t see this coming, then I don’t know what to think. Wonder Woman is by far the hottest female in comics today and has always been that and always will be! Wonder Woman cannot be contended with in looks, stature, personality and charisma. I think what does it for me is the fact that she not only had one the more caring personalities in comic book females, but she also has a level of respect and humility that transcends life. I don’t think I know people who care about the value of human life much more than Wonder Woman does. She throws herself at the mercy of the Gods and maintains that everything she does is for the good of womankind and humanity. Her level of maturity is that which cannot be described in words effectively. I she pours her heart out to the people she cares about the most, and does all she can to make sure she is doing the right thing. And if she finds out she has done the wrong thing, she accepts that and repents. She defends her friends like no one else, even if it means protecting them from themselves like she did in Superman: For Tomorrow. Wonder Woman is an exceptional woman of whom I’m happy to have in the DCU.

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