Thursday, November 5, 2009

Comic Book Review: Secret Six #15

Written by John Ostrander
Art by J. Calafiore
Cover by Daniel LuVisi

If you want to know what a murdering bastard looks like, just look at the villain known as Deadshot.  Secret Six #15 gives us a comprehensive look on the history of the gun-grazed psychopath.  Writer John Ostrander, who helped define the character of Deadshot during his time on “The Suicide Squad,” tells us a story of uncertainty and confusion.  Deadshot, concerned about his ability to control himself from going on a murderous tirade, seeks the consultation and advice of a priest.  But will the Priest be able to help, or will Deadshot loose control and unleash the murderous bastard within?

My Thoughts
John Ostrander returns, and what a blessing it is!  With the already establish perfection that Gail Simone brings to the Secret Six, Ostrander only enhances the writing quality of this title.  From start to finish I was holding the book in anticipation in what Deadshot will do.  Ostrander is a master at building up the tension of a story so well, in fact, you wonder if he will shock you a lot or shock you immensely!

This book is particularly good because it gave us an intense, exciting, and suspenseful story that you would typically find spread throughout a 12 issues series, in one 22 paged book.  Secret Six #15 is proof that a good story does not have to be spread so thin to where paper is being wasted in an unproductive storyline.  The dialogue is sharp and consistent, and the story development was nothing less than perfect. 

John Ostrander, while still maintaining Deadshot’s signature asshole attitude, shows us a very human side to the former Suicide Squad member.  We all find ourselves, at some point or another, unable to explain why we suddenly feel as if we can no longer control our behavior, like there is some unstoppable force controlling our thoughts and actions.  Only when it is explained by some event, where we finally realize what is causing us so much confusion, do we become humbled with a sense of freedom.  In the case of Deadshot, he realizes that there is some connection with the death of Batman and the death of his brother.  Once this truth has come to light, Deadshot was able to let go and walk away.  This is such a powerful story, and it’s all contained in 22 pages.  If only more writers could follow Ostrander’s example of superb story telling, I think fans would be much more satisfied and content with their comic book reading needs.

Of course the art equaled the literary quality in this issue.  Masterful expressions and beautiful scenery shows Califiore has not lost his touch and probably never will.

Nothing but the best.  The story is nothing but perfect and fans would be wrong to say that the story contained even one flaw.  Perfection is the only way to describe this issue.

6 out of 5 stars…Yes, I did that on purpose!

Next Issue Coming
The supremely powerful and infinitely dangerous Black Alice returns and she's decided she wants to be a member of the Six – even if someone has to die to make room!

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