Monday, April 26, 2010


According to Comic Book Resources, a live production of Batman will be touring in a stage production called "Batman Live." Writing the script will be Alan Burnett and Stan Berkowitz who have worked on many of the recent DC "direct to video" animated films.

It seems that the production will be neither a musical endeavor nor anything that will run on Broadway. Rather it will be presented as a family friendly adventure story, possibly featuring many of the popular Batman characters and villains. The rumor is that the production will hit the stage right on time with Nolan's third Batman film.
I remember going to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s live musical production where the Turtles fought the Shredder's hate of music. As a young boy this was exceptionally exciting for me as I was a huge Turtles fan. But looking back on that, along with other comic book productions to hit the stage on Broadway and the like, their success has been less than satisfactory. I can't remember a live comic book production that has made enough money to spurn a profit. The idea behind the "live production" approach to marketing comics truly misses the point and goes too far. Comic book fans are not in this collecting hobby to go see a major live production. Especially now, fans are more driven by the stories that come along with comic books rather than the production value in a live stage performance. However, as this live production seems to be focused more on creating an appealing storyline, this production could very well be more successful than, say, Superman...One Ice!

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