Saturday, April 3, 2010

Comic News: Birds of Prey and Brightest rhyme intended

I'm so happy to see that the new secret members that were cleverly hidden in shadow of the Birds of Prey was revealed at long last!  What's most interesting is the fact that it seems as if the Birds of Prey will induct a male into their ranks...go figure!  Gail Simone, as I'm sure everyone reading has figured out, is at the helm of this highly  anticipated title.  Her departure from Wonder Woman was a low blow to myself and many other Simone fans, but this new writing project she is taking on is a more than acceptable replacement for her.  The icing on the cake is that Ed Benes will be joining her as the artist!  My favorite comic writer and my favorite comic artist on the same book, it's almost like I've died and gone to Colorado...oh wait....

With this new revelation of Hawk and Dove joining the feathered females, I've also come to realize that Brightest Day will be playing into the first issue of Bird of Prey.  In addition, Johns revealed that the reasons for the rebirth of the dead heroes will become known in Brightest Day.  I had originally given Blackest Night #8 a rating of 7.5 merely based on the fact that so many question were left unresolved; that Brightest Day is simply a change in the title "Blackest Night" and the story won't be completed for a while yet.  But it is comforting to know that Johns has had a plan for this entire event from the beginning.

Now, with the return of these heroes, springs some new and revived titles.  Obviously Birds of Prey will be at the head of this "soon to come" titles, and The Flash (Barry) takes new strides with Geoff Johns managing the literary side of things.  The Justice League: International will also be returning to stores in April in a mini series called "Generation Lost," where Fire, Ice, Booster Gold and Captain Atom go on the hunt for Maxwell Lord. I'm wondering how long it will take before Aquaman gets his own title back as well as Firestorm.  And what of Deadman?  Why has he been given a chance at life once again?  Another mini series in the works possibly?  Only time will tell what DC is going to do.  One thing we can count on is Brightest Day is the ultimate remapping for the DC Universe that anyone could ask for.

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