Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heretical Jargon: Marvel Comics On The IPad

Another reason why Marvel sucks....

Marvel Comics is now available on the IPad.  This is the beginning of a terrible, TERRIBLE faze in humanity.  There is so much more being made available via digital downloads and what not that we no longer have any backup hard copies of...well...anything.  Even in the work place, people are becoming so dependent on the digital side of the world and feel as if it's all that's needed.

Literature is quickly becoming apart of this new faze in life and people are buying into it!  I was hoping comics would never revert to such an atrocities, but Marvel has taken that first step into a darker and twisted state of being.  Of course fans are going to hop on the band wagon and cause an uproar, everyone will think this is the coolest thing ever and everyone should try it.  DC, in turn, will follow along and start the digital download as well in a few years.

I can only hope that people will begin to realize digital comics are not the way to go.  Please comic book fans of the world, don't fall into the deadly trap, don't give in to the digital.  Keep comics in magazine form!  Don't let this fantastic hobby die out because you want to save a few trees.


  1. If you're serious, I couldn't disagree more. If done right, digital comics could open up comics to a huge new audience who don't even know there's such a thing as a comic book store.

    For years (when they were actually a popular form of entertainment) comics were disposable, not a collector's item for the tiny minority obsessed about getting a pristine mint copy.

    Comic collecting as a hobby won't disappear--those old comics will still exist. Just maybe not for new comics. Yes, many comics shops (perhaps most) will close, but stores come and go--that is reality (how many blacksmiths are there in 2010?).

    I also think newer, digitially colored comics look amazing on the ipad (older comics, not as much).

    Finally, dude, I know it's just a blog, but proof your spelling and grammar a bit...I'm not the gramar police, but some of your sentences are actually hard to understand because of the errors.

  2. I understand your disagreement, but I think you miss the point. digital art is amazing, yes, but it lacks the hands on experience you receive from actually holding the comics. Digital comics are light coming from a screen, physical comics are something you can pull out at your leisure and not have to worry about turning on your computer and relying on electricity for to enjoy them. it would be even more frustrating if you download the comics and your computer crashes...oopps, my collections gone!.

    As to your comment on the grammatical side of this post...where exactly is it hard to understand what I've written? I have no idea what section you're referring too.