Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rorschach's Journal. April 11, 2010

People keep talking about Iron Man 2. Seem to think it will be a box office hit. Probably will be. People could go see good movies. Like Dark Knight, Ang Lee's Hulk, or Punisher with Thomas Jane. Instead they choose to watch a film with predictable plot and boring action sequences, and a man who pretties himself up way to much. Possibly homosexual? Must investigate further.

took a walk down to cinema saver on main street.  Watched mediocre film about a husband and wife who go out for dinner.  End up being put in the middle of some mafia blackmailing scam.  Had a trailer for Iron Man 2.  A couple of teenage boys with bad acne cheered once Robert Downey Jr. appeared.  Whispers of excitement filled the theater.  Saw a lonely pair in back of auditorium committing acts of public indecency, most likely due to the excitement of seeing Tony Stark. 

Iron Man Fans.  They scream for joy and anticipation for the film like an abattoir full of retarded children.  Now the world stands on the brink, staring up into a screen full of stupid one liners and poor script writing.  And all of the sudden nobody can think of any other movies to watch.

Watching the preview left me with bad headache.  Why are so few comic books films actually worth watching, fun to see, and not made by directors and actors without personality disorders and criminal records?  Nobody cares about the quality of films anymore.  Nobody but me.  

Is it futile to care about making quality films?  Millions of bad films are made that people seem love.  Films like Iron Man, Punisher: Warzone, Catwoman, and Tim Burton.  Why should it matter?  Because there are good films, and there are bad films.  Films that are actually good but don't do well, and films that are are bad that somehow make fans act like monkey's excited over seeing a banana.  Bad film makers must be punished, I shall not compromise in this.  Must find these bad film makers and bring them to justice.

James Cameron.  Born August 15, 1954.  Made Avatar and Titanic.  Unforgivable.  Pot Belly, wealthy, thinks he understands good film making.  Must put a stop to his evil.



  1. Jimmy - I don't understand this post. I just feel like your ranting or something. Chill out man :). And come on - you're telling me you don't love a movie that is considered a "bad movie". I firmly believe that everybody loves a horrible movie. And why are you mad that people are watching Iron Man instead of the Dark Knight? The Dark Knight is the 5th highest grossing movie of all time. I don't know where Iron Man lies...but it's not even in the top 50. And I like Iron Man and am excited for the 2nd...DEAL WITH IT. AND both Titanic and Avatar (with the exception of an unoriginal story) were awesome!

  2. Yup, that's all this is Micah, a rant. Nothing wrong with a rant right? And yes, I love a lot of bad movies...Iron Man isn't one of them. Bill and Ted, that's a great bad movie. I just wanted to use the persona of Rorschach as a silly way of venting is all.

    And both Titanic and Avatar are not AWESOME films. Stupid story equals average film.