Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bloggers Of Note: It's A Dan's World

You know, almost everyday I wake and look at the blog updates in my Blogger reader and I have to be honest, the one I look forward to reading the most is "It's A Dan's World."

Living in New Zealand, it's hard for Dan to keep up to date with the rest of American comic readers since shipping priorities keep the U.S.A at the top of the list.  But that doesn't stop Dan from staying faithful to the genre and trying to keep his readers up to date with the latest bit of news for the geeks of the world to read up on.

His writing quality is equal to any other professional journalist in the field and could very well pluck out a story in the comic book field that would be greatly accepted and remembered by fans everywhere.  The ability to produce clear and excellent journalistic posts on his blog that are fun and informative is a talent any writer could strive for.

So if you haven't already, favorite or follow "It's A Dan's World" right now and enjoy a great blog.

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  1. Thanks for the great plug Jimmy! Much appreciated.