Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comic Book Review: Supergirl #54

Book Information
Written by Sterling Gates
Penciled by Jamal Igle
Inked by Jon Sibal
Colored by Jamie Grant
Lettered by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Shane Davis & Grant

My Awe-Inspiring Opinion
WHOA!  When did Olsen become a heart-throbbin’ biker boy?  Maybe I missed something by not following his two issue mini-series two years ago, but this was a complete shocker to me regardless.  This could quite possibly be the GREATEST entrance a comic book character has ever made in the history of the genre.  Olsen saving a kid from a fiery explosion while poppin’ a wheelie on his motorcycle, sheer awesomeness!  And he’s pretty swave while doing it too.  Does this mean Jimmy is actually going to start being cool?  Like...Fonzy cool?  say it ain't so!  But, I guess with that brown leather jacket and his greaser hair-do, he does have a little dreamy look to him...

Oh Jimmy, so dreamy...

Wait, what was I supposed to do?...Oh yeah, review Supergirl #54.  Gates once again brings everything to the table and holds nothing back, throwing every little plot twist, curve ball, and kick to the crotch he can think of.  Bizarrogirl, just like in the final page of last month’s issue, is terrifyingly freaky, even more so than the Bizarro Superman.  (Thanks Jamal Igle!)  There is a certain “mummified” quality to her; with the pale crackling skin, red lifeless eyes, and disgustingly black rotting teeth, it’s almost as if a gentle breeze would knock her on the ground, shattering her into bits.  Until, of course, you see her blow one big wholesome breath of hot air at Supergirl scorching the end of her cape.  Gates gave Bizarrogirl all the characteristics of Bizarro, but added a much more fierce and violent nature to her, making her exceptionally scary.

Oh Jimmy, So dreamy…

Now as much as I appreciate the fact that they aren’t drawing out this “I am Supergirl…no more” phase in Kara’s life, I found it odd that Kara missed flying around in her red and blue suit so much even though she’s only been “NOT” Supergirl for less than a day…if that.  But it did lead into a very interesting and identity revealing conversation between Lana and Kara over the phone.  I guess Cat Grant has found her way of getting even for that very rude moment Supergirl called the illustrious reporter’s boobs fake huh?  Oh the hassle of being a hot news reporter, and speaking of hot…

Oh Jimmy, so dreamy…

Remember when this run of Supergirl began, and Kara looked like a thirteen year old slut?  Yeah, Jamal Igle’s treatment of Supergirl is much more appealing.  If you like slutty looking girls, that’s fine, to each his own.  But Igle is perfect in making Kara cute and innocent looking while still giving her that sexy appeal.  I guess it’s true, nerd girls are the hottest girls in town.  Speaking of hot nerds…

Oh Jimmy, so dreamy…

Aside from Supergirl’s nerd sex appeal, Igle and Sibal’s team-up creates a genuinely seemless display of art that truly captures your attention.  It’s an incredible thing to make stunning pieces of art, it’s another for the art to make you feel exactly what the characters feel; I could sense the pain coming from Lana Lang and her bruised body, I could feel Bizarrogirl’s hand pushing up against Jimmy’s face keeping him silent, and I could taste the wind flowing through Supergirl’s cape while in the air.  Igle and Sibal have just pushed themselves up into the running for best comic book artists of 2010.

My Awesomely Climactic Conclusion
I was a little worried about the quickly dismissed new lifestyle that Kara wanted so badly for herself, but the bulk of the issue was so well done, that minor distraction didn’t affect me at all.  I loved this issue.  It was fun, tense, angst driven, and full of life.  Now all I have to do is dream of Jimmy…

Writing: 10
Themes: 10
Art: 10
Overall: 10 out of 10
+ 3 Incentive Points

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