Saturday, August 21, 2010

Top 10 Comic Titles Of 2010

I know it's only August, but I think at this point, if a comic book title hasn't popped out as significantly different from all the rest, it's probably not going to happen now.  And even with only four months to go, having four really GREAT issues of the entire year really doesn't make the title itself one of the best.

The criteria I use to determine the top ten overall titles is mainly writing and artistic qualities.  other aspects can come into play as well, but what sticks out for me the most when choosing what to pick up and read is the story and art.

Keep in mind that this list does not include miniseries, only on going titles that have consistently been publishing every month of the year.  This list, while does not include anything dealing with Marvel Comics, is not excluding anything outside the DC realm.  However, since I mostly read DC, you won't find much anything else besides DC books on this list.  So, without further delay, here is my top ten best comic book titles of 2010....

10. Green Lantern Corps
Amazingly, the Corps constantly brought amazing stories to the table.  Peter J. Tomasi has an incredible talent for keeping a compact and busy comic book alive and interesting.
9. Green Hornet
I've enjoyed every issue of the Green Hornet thus far.  It's only downfall is it's predictability.  I love Kevin Smith and how he's trying to bring this title back, but the story is following a typical Hollywoodish style where nothing is surprising and everything is formulaic.  However, despite it's predictability, it's still a fun adventure story of a son discovering his father's secret past and how it's affecting him in the long him.  And the art might very well be the best this year.  (I still have to think about that though.
8. Superman
James Robinson ruined Superman like no other, but watching the character endure such a bad 12 months last year and James Robinson finally delivering better stories towards the end of his time writing, I can't help but put this title in the number 8 slot.  And now with JMS calling the shots, the potential the comic has to grow back from it's awful state is astronomical.
7. Justice Society of America
Bill Willingham did a fantastic job with his Fatherland story arc, but overall this series has been an absolute joy to read.  DC has taken full advantage of this classic team and the interesting stories it's culminates.
6. Green Lantern
This is without a doubt Geoff Johns baby.  Having been writing the title since issue #1, Johns has put so much sweat and hard work into making this title one of DC's best of all time.  This year, with the events of Blackest Night, Green Lantern has put out some of the most climactic stories within comics in the last ten years.
5. Supergirl
Sterling Gates took a character that was heavily unfavored by fans and boost her up into DC Comics stardom.  As with all the titles in my top five, Supergirl is one of my more anticipated titles.  Supergirl has grown in maturity so very steadily as a reader, I've been privileged to seen this growth and how Gates has appropriately given her the proper treatment needed to be successful.
4. Wonder Woman
If there is a superhero that is underestimated in how great she truly is, it's Wonder Woman.  With a corny name and outfit, it's hard for the uneducated to become excited about the Amazon Princess.  But thanks to Gail Simone, Wonder Woman continually impressed readers and become much more respected within the genre, so much that fans demanded a re-establishing of the old issue numbering for her 600th issue.  With artist extraordinarily Aaron Lopresti, he and Simone took Wonder Woman to place worthy of noting in the archives of DC Comics.
3. Action Comics
I was never a huge fan of Actions Comics until about two years ago when it was decided that Superman DIDN'T have to be the central focus of the book.  Currently Lex Luthor has taken center stage, but recently it has given room for the newest super duo Flamebird and Nightwing.  It was a nice refreshing change and gave other characters a chance to shine in what was consider a Superman book.
2. Power Girl 
Words can't describe how incredibly awesome Power Girl has been been.  The excitement for this series to begin from fans was not overpowered by the series continual excellence all the way up to #14.  Judd Winick will serve the title well, but nothing will ever top what Palimotti, Grey, and Conner brought to this title.

Best Comic Title Of 2010
The Secret Six
Secret Six has been nothing but perfection in my opinion.  I have not read an issue yet since #1 that has not excited me beyond my expectations.  Every month I pick up Secret Six, and every month I'm blown away with only one issue that I can remember that only partially impressed me.  Gail Simone has put her heart and soul into this title and it has paid off exceptionally well.  The idea of making a band of villains the focus of an on going series is one that must be handled carefully.  Simone has given this band twisted metas a unique sense of morality while still being immoral.  It's clever, funny, intelligent, wonderfully drawn and perfect in every way.

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