Monday, August 16, 2010

The Reality Of Becoming A Superhero

Click To Hear Broadcast  ---> This American Life: Superpowers

National Public Radio always intrigues me with the the types of stories they broadcast.  They seem to be the only radio station around anymore that actually cares about the value of the good story.  With shows like Talk of the Nation and A Prairie Home Companion, NPR delivers some of the most entertaining shows in radio today.  But one show I never had the desire to listen to was This American Life.

a few days ago, I listened to a broadcast titled "Godless America."  I loved every minute of it and decided to listen to the show more frequently.  How astonished was I when I discovered the next broadcast was all about Superheroes and the people who try to become them!  My wife and I, while doing other things, decided to stream the broadcast and see what it was all about.

If you've ever wondered if you would rather have the super power of flight or invisibility, this broadcast may help you in your decision.  Enjoy!

Click To Hear Broadcast  ---> This American Life: Superpowers

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