Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give Me Moore Comics...

Recently I've been catching up on my love for Alan Moore.There's something about his writing that really gets me.  What I've been concentrating on the most are his stories within America's Best Comics, almost finishing up the entire Tom Strong and Promethea Series.  Once I finish book six of Tom Strong, and Books four and five of Promethea, I'll begin knocking out "Top Ten" which about a world where EVERYONE has superpowers and a secret identity.

Terra Obscura is also on my "To Read" list, but but it's more towards the bottom.  I still need to read his infamous piece of work From Hell, a story about Jack the Ripper, and Lost Girls, depicting Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, and a lot of other fairy tale women in pornographic situations.  Seeing as how those two books are fairly hefty of in content, I'll need time before tackling anything else Moore has written.  Graphic novels such as Terra Obscura, Swamp Thing, and his novel Voice of the Fire are all on my list for the Lost Girls after math.

It really is too bad that Moore has stopped writing for DC, he's been such an influence on the comic world.  I have been unable to figure out what his next literary endeavor is going to be, if he has any at all.  (Which I'm sure he does.)  In any case, Watchmen is still on my bookshelf, needing to be reread.

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