Monday, July 6, 2009

Comic Book Review: Batman & Robin #2

Well this issue was certainly not what I was expecting. I guess Morrison is going to make his readers wait for issue #3 to find out the mystery behind "the circus of Strange." This issue mainly delves into how Dick and Damian cope with one another as a team. When Damian first came on the scene as Robin, I was really upset. "Why Damian?" I asked myself, "He's a brat and will want to go out on his own instead of following a leader and being a team!" This issue helps clear that up for me and set my mind at ease

Since Damian grew up around assassins and mostly evil men, Damian naturally has a viciously aggressive attitude that goes under the "kill first, ask questions later" philosophy. Dick sees this in Damian and hopes to keep him from turning to a life of crime. Dick says "It's that now-it-all super-villain sneer, the snide, aristocratic...GAHH! Who's gonna save him if we don't?" Dick obviously has an agenda in mind in keeping Damian by his side. It's a testament about how much he hopes to preserve Bruce Waynes memory, and the Wayne family line.

While this is going on, we also have Dick continually questioning his ability to carry on as The Dark Knight. Alfred, who always takes on the role of the caring father figure, shows Dick that he has to create Batman in his own image, and not continue the "Bruce Wayne" version of Batman. Once Dick becomes confidant in himself and becomes "his own" Batman, then Damian might show a little more respect towards Dick.

Morrison surprises me yet again by bringing another quality story to the comic book pages. He's really keeping this title down to Earth and making it relative to the average, everyday reader. I get the feeling people can relate to this story above all others. Feeling a sense of loss, uncertainty, and lack of control in ones own life is something we all face at one point or another. Let's face it, Dick was more or less thrown into this role and has a lot more to learn on the way.

Frank Quietly, again, always makes me smile. His art is so fresh and unique; I can't help but love it. The first page with Dick sitting on the stairs and Alfred walking down beside him is such an emotional, yet subtle scene. You can see in Dicks face how frustrated and worried he is about the days (and nights) to come.

But now, with Dick captured by the 'Circus of Strange,' and Batman riding out to save Robin, I'm left in a state of wonder as to what will happen in issue #3!!

I give this issue 4 stars!

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