Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #38

Plot: The Oan battery shell has broken apart and it's pieces are scattered through the night sky, and no one knows why. Concerned corps members are left in a state of bewilderment and awe, asking themselves what they should do now.

The Guardians, feeling overwhelmed with issues and problems, decide to utilize the Alpha Lanterns as executioners and one by one, kill off their prisoners. Once again, the Guardians establish themselves as the biggest jerks the universe has to offer.

Meanwhile, Natu finally acknowledges that she is the daughter of Sinestro and is disgusted. She attempts to remove her birthmark to rid any connection she has to the leader of the Sinestro Corps, but is unsuccessful. It's now a reminder of everything she hates about her new found father.

The peril on Daxam, in a two paged battle, is solved and solidified.

Back on Oa, The Guardians have distinguished themselves yes again as the biggest jerks the universe has to offer by brutally killing off their prisoners one by one.

My Thoughts: I'm not entirely sure if I liked this issue. First off we have the cover which shows Kilowog holding a handful of Green Lantern rings with blood on his hand. I read this issue over a few times with particular detail to the dialog, and for the life of me, I can't see the relevance. Is this alluding to something happening in the near future, or did I miss something?

The side Stories, the battle on Daxam, and Natu discovering Sinestro is her father, didn't conclude to my satisfaction. Both endings seemed to be more of a cope out because Blackest Night is starting up this month, so they needed to end them quickly. I wasn't happy with it.

Now I did enjoy the storyline involving the Guardians and the Alpha Lanterns. And I would like to make it public, I officially HATE the Guardians. Their constant abuse of power and changing of the rules shows the Guardians have no respect for the laws of the universe. I hope that once Blackest Night is done, The Guardians are taken out of the picture, and the Green Lantern Corps can discover new leadership opportunities.

Overall, this issue was mediocre. Tomasi started out writing great material for this title, but he's just not writing quality stories right now. And with Blackest night coming up this month, he's really going to have to step it up!

I give this issue 2 and a half stars

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