Monday, July 13, 2009

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #43

Plot: We go back in time to revisit the origin of William Hand, who is better known as Black Hand. We take a look at William's childhood growing up the son of a mortician and living in the mortuary, and how incredibly fragile and twisted the young boy was growing up. William was strangely attracted to all things related to death and the gothic nature that seems to be connected with death in most stories.

We learn of his hatred for the green light and how he wished to extinguish it by way of killing Hal Jordan but was always unsuccessful. But now, after his abduction by a group of aliens called the Kroloteans, and a number of mind numbing experiments, William found himself with the ability to see and hear death.

This issue makes a most dramatic ending where William, with his super villain costume made of a body bag on, Goes to his families house and murders his parents and brothers. And then, while sitting at the dinner table, kills himself.

Former Guardian of the universe, Scar, appears and vomits up a black ring and is offered and accepted by William. Now he has the power to extinguish the light carried by Hal Jordan and so many other beings in the universe.

My Thoughts: Geoff Johns is best for leaving readers wanting more. The entire story was twisted and gothic and surrounded by death and all things related. I loved how Johns allowed us to sympathize with William to the point where we are conflicted in feeling sorry for him and hating him at the same time.

One thing confuses me however, William is able to see anything related to death, those who have died and who have ESCAPED death. What does that mean? Yeah, He saw the deaths of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Barry Allen (The Flash). All have died but have come back to life. But what does this allude to? Does it mean anyone who died or HAS DIED and come back from the dead is a possible Black Lantern candidate? I am definitely looking forward to see how this plays out in the story.

The artwork is great. Manke never disappoints! He gives William this twisted feel which mainly comes out in his eyes. William's eyes look so terrified and confused, yet so appropriate for his character.

I honestly have no complaints about this issue, everything was flawless. If I had any gripes, it would be the mere fact that I feel I have been waiting too damn long for Blackest Night to get underway, and the 15th will be the start of it all!

I give this issue 5 out of 5 stars!

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