Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comic Book Review - Superman: World Of New Krypton #5

Story: Superman is on trial for directly disobeying an order given to him by General Zod. Superman, on trial for treason, does not deny the charges and stays true to his own personal convictions, claiming that the order given to him by Zod was an immoral action. Superman is sentenced to death.

Having control of the military and the prisons, Zod sets Superman up with an escape attempt, testing Superman's honor and allegiance to New Krypton and its laws. Superman stays in his cell and is ready to die for the charges held against him. Zod is satisfied with this new level of commitment shown by Superman and releases the "last son" of Krypton.

We end with the ultimate cliff hanger at a celebration of the birth of New Krypton, where Zod is shot by an unknown Kryptonian.

My Thoughts: There is definitely a lot of mystery behind this issue. Although Zod seems to have had a change of heart, I still feel he is up to something.

I am truly enjoying this shout out to the old Superman films. The court room scenes are reminiscent of Superman II when Zod and his two henchmen were banished to the Phantom Zone. The blue and black lighting make the entire scene feel dark and dreary, which is the way it should be.

I do find it odd that, within this Superman story arc, is another Superman story arc. Next month brings us the arc titled "Codename Patriot." I thought Superman: World of New Krypton was it's own story arc. Apparently we will have a few arc's contained within this one.

I know WHAT Superman is doing on New Krypton, I'm just not so sure what's being accomplished. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying this mini series thus far, But I feel like time is being wasted. Hopefully issue #6 will bring some things to light.

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