Thursday, July 9, 2009

Comic Book Review - Justice League: A Cry for Justice

Plot: Hal Jordan has had it with the Justice League's current way of fighting justice and decides to splinter away from the League with Ollie (Green Arrow) and start up a new team that puts the "justice" back into the system. At the same time, we find Ray Palmer (the Atom) Mikaal Tomas and Congo Bill sharing Hal's vision. All seem to be acting out of this sense that evil is not being stopped and is triggered by some personal vendetta against someone else.

My Thoughts: This is a very satisfying read. James Robinson is putting together a great story that will inevitably having me wondering, "what's the future of the league going to be?" Is this a bench mark that the league will want to meet, or will the current league confront Hal's team in a battle for "what's right?"

When Brad Meltzer took on the Justice League title, he gave the team this "task force" feel. They did not pull back, and made sure justice was served. Things were getting done!

However, McDuffie's version of the league felt wimpy and disjointed. I can understand Hal's frustration in wanting to form a new team to achieve the justice that the current league (or lack their of) has yet to produce for some time.

The art work is spectacular. Mauro Cascioli is comics next Alex Ross! I never though a fully painted comic could ever be as much as an artistic success as Kingdom Come was. But A Cry For Justice could very well be equal to Kingdom Come in the artistic realm.

One gripe, it was WAY TOO SHORT! It's a seven issue mini series and we still have to get Batwoman, Supergirl and a few others into the league. And technically, Congorilla, Mikaal and the Atom haven't joined the league. I'm worried that the first three issues will waste too much time in getting the League started, and then we will have four more issue to get the storyline going. I certainly hope Robinson can give this title some gusto in the coming issues.

I give this issue 3 stars.

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