Sunday, May 30, 2010

Comic Book Review: Green Hornet #4

Book Information
Written by Kevin Smith
Penciled by Jonathan Lau
Colored by Ivan Nunes
Lettered by Troy Peteri
Cover by Alex Ross

My Awe-Inspiring Opinion
I have to admit, I had many preconceived notions about what this issue was going to contain, which mainly centered on Britt Reid taking up the Green Hornet mantle and embracing his father’s legacy.  You can imagine my disappointment when discovering that this issue focuses on the coping method Britt goes through when discovering his father’s secret.  This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, I merely got ahead of myself and forgot to allow the story to unfold without putting any expectations on it.

The story splits off into two sections; the first being the realization that Britt Reid suffers through and discussing it with Kato senior and junior, and the other being a smack down between Kato Junior and Johnny Vaughn’s gang of henchmen.  It goes from being dramatically angst driven circus of emotions, then reverting to an all out brawl where the girl is kicking everyone’s ass!  Nothing new, but very exciting.

There does seem to be some pacing issues with Kevin Smith’s rejected film script.  Seeing as how this was intended for the big screen, some aspects aren’t going play out as well on the comic book pages.  I think most people would have expected Britt Reid to become the Green Hornet by the third issue, but he’s barely scratch the surface, only putting on the costume on the page of this month’s installment; and more than likely, Britt’s only doing it for the mere thrill of fighting bad guys.  I guess I’m not used to origin stories taking so long these days.  Kevin Smith is being patient and giving Britt Reid time to discover his roots and really embrace this inevitable calling, which is the appropriate way to tackle this character, even if I prefer a much more speedy approach.  It’s disappointing, but fits within the theme of the story.

Jonathan Lau can do no wrong!  I can’t begin to describe his attention to detail and how accurate he is.  Every punch, kick, jump, flip, twirl, and clanging metal from swords makes you feel like you’re in the action right along with Kato.  If there was an artist I could CHOOSE to be like, Lau would be it!

My Profoundly Climactic Conclusion
Smith is doing a fantastic job with his series; I just hope things pick up with #5.  Yes, many major events have occurred in the series thus far, but I want Britt to BE the Green Hornet NOW!

Writing: 7
Themes: 7
Art: 10
Overall: 8 out of 10

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