Friday, May 7, 2010

Comic Book Review: Toy Story [Free Comic Book Day]

Free Comic Book Day Review!
Book Information
Written by Jesse Blaze Snider
Art by Nathan Watson

My All-Inspiring Opinion
As a way of preparing Toy Story fans for the June 18 release of film number three, Disney has taken advantage of Free Comic Book Day’s fan luring opportunities by releasing a free comic book for the kiddies.  As far as free comics from Free Comic Book Day go, Toy Story certainly entertains and delights. 

The story is very much reminiscent of the first film.  Andy has received a new, unknown toy from his absent minded grandmother who didn’t realize his birthday had long since past.  Not only does she not know his actual birthday, she also has no knowledge of his current inventory list of toys, getting him a second Buzz Lightyear.  Now Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang must help to keep the two Lightyears separated so Andy doesn’t return the wrong Buzz to the store.  But this could be a more difficult task than you would think as the newer, shiner Buzz wants to stay with Andy.

One can tell Disney did not put a lot of thought and effort into making and original story for this latest Toy Story comic.  The new toy comes in, a conflict arises between Woody and Buzz, and now a toy’s life is threatened as it’s on the verge of being returned to the very place no toy wants to be.  Nothing too thought provoking or innovative, but this is, of course, a kid’s comic.

The art is surprisingly well done; Nathan Watson paid close attention to the characters look from the first and second film.  I appreciated how Disney decided to differentiate between the new and old Buzz, making one look much more faded and defective in comparison to the newer intruder.  Andy is a spot on match and Woody resembles his movie doppelganger almost perfectly.  Apart from the books purposefully campy and cartooney look, this comic’s visual appeal is very nice and pleasant, befitting of a kid’s comic on Free Comic Book Day.

My Profoundly Climactic Conclusion
This book will definitely appeal to the younger crowd while might only come off as cute and silly for the adults.  Are you ready for Toy Story 3?  I know I am. 

Writing: 7
Themes: 8
Art: 7
Overall Rating: 7.33 out of 10

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