Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Are People So Attracted To Twilight?

Click For The Article "It's Twilight Time Again--Can Hundreds of Moaning Teens Be Wrong?"

I recently discovered that my mother, Joonna Trapp, PhD, (a professor and chair of the English and Foreign Language Department at Waynesburg  University) wrote a very insightful article that delves into the psychology behind the popular Twilight series of novels.  Being a scholar of vampire and gothic literature, The Twilight saga curdles away at her stomach leaving nothing but the essence of popping gastric juices and and disgustingly hurtful burbs that leave a bad taste in her mouth.

Like most of the literature you find critiquing the Novels by Stephanie Meyers, she discusses the poor literary qualities found within the books in brief.  But rather than going on about that, she takes a much more unique approach in discussing the reasons why Twilight is a poor piece of literature; arguing that Meyers' story supports the stereotypical gender roles of weak females and strong males, how the sensation of rape is justified, and how sex and sexuality is shunned in every other form of literature, except for Twilight.

I would recommend going to the website and reading the article for yourself.  Again, this article is very insightful, humorous, and well researched and I hope you can appreciate it whether or not you agree it the points being made.

Also, My name is mentioned in the article too.  Just remember that my middle name is Quentin.  And if you've seen the Dark Shadows, you'll appreciate this even more!

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