Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Comic Book Review: War of the Superman #0 [Free Comic Book Day]

Free Comic Book Day Review!
Book Information
Written by James Robinson, Sterling Gates
Art by Eddy Barrows, Aaron Lopresti, Gary Frank

My Thoughts
Free Comic Book Day is typically a time where comic book companies try to lure in new readers and long forgotten fans.  These FCBD comics are not always the most entertaining or well written.  Last year, however, DC broke the mold with the outstanding hit single, “Blackest Night #0.”  This started a new trend within FCBD, bringing more quality books to the comic book stores.  Now as War of the Supermen #0 is not the outstanding work that Blackest Night #0 was, it still maintained the quality that DC has brought to comic book stores everywhere.

While James Robinson scares the hell out of me, his team-up with Sterling gates seems to be paying off.  One thing Robinson established early in the WONK series was that Zod had ulterior motives; it was unclear if he did actually reform or was playing the entire city.  Robinson is, and always will be an “action” story kind of writer and this issue shows off Robinson’s style in full form.

The first half of the book isn’t that deep as it focuses mainly on Superman and Zod sizing each other up and going at it tooth and nail.  The mystery revolving around Zod’s motives was pleasantly revealed here, showing that Zod will never be anything more than an evil man.  My only complaint about this issue was the condensed storyline as ten pages into it, and after the mind bogglingly amazing two page spread of Kryptonians flying towards Earth, we move into the editorial piece where Lois Lane attempts to reveal her father’s evil and prejudice nature to the world.

Nothing new is revealed, which isn’t the purpose of the book.  Every page is a recapping of what has already transpired in hopes new reader’s will see the big blue “S” and pick this issue up.  But this isn’t unnecessary script writing as it all leads to the coming events in the Superman mythos.  This issue also leaves a lot of question running around in my brain.  What will happen between Earth and New Krypton?  Despite who wins the upcoming war, a decision must be made as to how the two worlds will interact in the future.  Will General Lane die before this series’ end or will he become a new arch enemy for Superman? 

Eddy Barrows delivers some fantastic artwork in the first half of the issue, giving off that same eerie feel he brought in the Blackest night tie-ins.  Superman bursting through the wall of Zod's domicile was breath taking and shocking!  The second half of the book, while still portraying some great art, was too distracting for me as I hate having to toggle between different art styles in the same book.

A lot of fun.  If anything were to get me excited about War of the Superman, this issue certainly did the trick.

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

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