Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adrianne Palicki Learns The Amazonian Ropes

Adrianne Palicki, star of the TV series Friday Night Lights, takes on a new role as Wonder Woman in a genre of TV she has never experienced before...Superheroes!

Er.....well....wait a second, that's not entirely true is it?  I do recall seeing this lovely actress in a few other shows involving supernatural activity, such as an Aquaman "made for TV" movie, the hit show Supernatural, and one episode of Smallville back in the day.  I guess she IS fully equipped to take on this role of Wonder Woman.  She's at least got some Robot Chicken voice over experience under her belt, thats got to count for something!

One thing I do hope that Adrianne can pull off is the maturity that comes along with Wonder Woman's character.  I'm aware of her acting abilities and couldn't have chosen a better actress to play the Amazon Princess, short of Lucy Lawless, but I wonder about her voice.  Sure, the series is going to start form the beginning, so Dianna will be a young woman, but there's still got to be some maturity within her voice if this is going to work.

I'm not real concerned with the script as of now.  Everyone has their opinions, but for me personally, I try not to judge a scripts plot until after I see it executed.  As long as the writers are competent, I will be perfectly happy with whatever they deliver.  It sounds as if the TV show is going to have the focus of the 1975, Lynda Carter TV show where her relationship with the handsome pilot, Steve Trevor, comes into play more often than not, but will also have that modern twist.  I can only hope that "twist" involves some supernatural monster fights!!!

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