Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Superman's New Secret Identity Is.....Mild Mannered Actor And Heart Throb, Brit Henry Cavill

In an attempt to reclaim all it's glory, Warner Bros. and DC have ventured out onto a second cinematic journey with a new Superman movie to help fans forget about the other which stared Brandon Routh.  I would love to see Routh continue wearing the red cape, but Brit has done some fine films that makes me believe this could work.

There hasn't been much news beyond this point as to who's playing what, what the storyline is, and how the film is planned to be played out, but with this announcement I'm certainly becoming much more excited about this film project by WB.

Superman has certainly been a hit or miss when it comes to TV and film having never really produced anything very successful.  Superman Returns is probably their best film to date; and while I think Returns is a fantastic film shouting out to the Richard Donner days of Superman, it didn't sit to well in fan's stomachs.  But I'll be honest, even though I love Returns, there really isn't anything out there that serves Superman justice with the persona DC Comics has given him today. He's not so much of a boy scout these days nor is he this cheesy, corny speech giver that the media has made him out to be.

Superman is now one of the better characters in the comic book world currently because of how thought provoking writers have made him out to be.  Story Arcs such as Superman: Red Son, and Superman: For Tomorrow present a Superman that is both interesting and fun; he's certainly candy for the analytical side of your brain as well.  My hope with this new film will be that the writers, director, and the rest of the film making team will present this current image of Superman within the comics onto the big screen.  Nolan was able to do it with Batman, I'm sure Zach Snyder can do the same!

But let's not get TOO excited just yet, we still have Green Lantern to come!

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