Friday, February 11, 2011

X-Men: First Class Film Trailer

And now we come to the film which explains it all.  X-Men first class brings us the story of friendship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lencher, Professor X and Magneto.  But, as I'm sure we can all figure out, it's also the story of how their friendship was broken, torn by different values and ideals of how to live (or not live) amongst the humans that hated them.

There have been four X-Men films thus far, with X-Men: First Class becoming the fifth on June 3rd of this year.  I'm fairly optimistic about this film as the majority of the X-Men movie franchise has been an overall success.  (That stupid X3 film...what a waist.)  What I find interesting is, based on the trailer, how the costume theme for First Class seems to represent that of the original X-Men from the Stan Lee days.  I have no opinions about this, I just think it will be interesting to see how this pre-X-Men world is going to be played out on screen.

Anyways, enjoy....

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