Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Comic Ventures With Bomb Queen

So around 3:00 PM today I was driving down the packed, snowy roads only to realize that traffic was packed and not budging and inch.  Luckily I was next to an exit which happened to lead to Noodles and Company and the "I Want More Comics" store.  Needing a break from working anyway, I decided to pull off and let traffic get a little less congested and eat some food and walk around the comic book store for a few minutes.  One of the things I noticed on the Graphic Novel and Trade Paperback shelf was the Bomb Queen series, and my brain began to think about the literary worthiness the queen meany had.

I read a few pages of the first volume and laughed my head off, it was amazing!  I had always noticed this series on the shelves of every comic book store I've been too but threw it off as a mere sexual rouse that comic book nerds could get off too, so I never bothered picking it up.  But after reading the first chapter in the volume one, I'm starting to reconsider following this series.

From what I can gather, Bomb Queen was originally apart of a foursome of female villains with "Queen" in their individual names.  Their task was to eliminate all of the super heroes in New Port City, which they did, but afterwards the four women turned on each other fighting for rulership over the city.  Bomb Queen came out victorious and has since then dubbed herself the dictator over the city.  This obviously leads into numerous possibilities for heroes to come in and put an end to the Queen's dictatorious reign.

Super Villain series have become incredibly popular and I can only imagine that was one of the reasons Bomb Queen started in the first place.  It's unique and different in comparison to the rest of comics currently being placed on the stands of comic book stores.  Bomb Queen however, takes it a step further by keeping any censorship out of the picture and allowing both men and women to bear all.

If you were to pick up one issue of Bomb Queen, you would probably open up to pages filled with the queen's boobs on the verge of falling out of her virtually non-existent costume while catching glimpses of Queenies "special area."  And it's not like the artists are trying to make this look like an accident, for Bomb Queen is written as someone who doesn't care about how exposed she is.  In fact, she probably loves the fact that she is being portrayed to the world as a slut and nudist.

But due to the cities ban on super heroes, the city seems to have become a haven for villains everywhere.  This in turn means more nudity and silly ways of showing off women's boobs and privates.  The men get their time in the nudist spotlight as well, so don't think this is strictly and excuse for artists to draw naked women, although it's marketed that way.

When I read that first chapter though, I was amazed at how well written it was.  This isn't just some mesh of raunchy humor; rather it's a clever comic which pokes fun at people's fear of nudity and sex in general.  From what I read simply in that first chapter, Bomb Queen comes off as this brash female with more gusto and balls than your average testosterone driven American.  The exposure of male and female bodies, along with how it ties in with the dialog is a direct commentary on how the nude figure is viewed in today's society, which would be very taboo.  And while I'm not sure I could ever go home and tell my parents, "Hey!  look at this!  you should totally read this!  It's awesome!" I still find myself very interested in this series and might very well become a fan of Bomb Queen.

But I want opinions.  Are you reading Bomb Queen?  If so, what are your thoughts?  Is it worth reading or is it a waste of time?  What are your thoughts about the whole premise of the series?  Give me some feedback because I want to know if it would actually be worth my time to read.

In the meantime, here's a video trailer of Bomb Queen's Series.  Bomb Queen was created and written by Jimmie Robinson and is published by Image Comics.

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