Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interview With Gail Simone

click Here to listen to the Interview at Where Monsters Dwell

A few days ago, Where Monsters Dwell conducted an interview with the comic writer extraordanaire, Gail Simone.  Where Monster's Dwell does a fantastic webcast that I can't help but tune in every single week and listen to these two broadcasters talk about everything geekified within all of nerditude.  But what was different this time was I decided to call in and ask Gail a few questions.  I was so freaking nervous I had trouble getting that first question out.  But it was super fun to actually get to chat with Gail none-the-less.

If you haven't had a chance to here Jimmy Palmiotti's super awesome podcast, tune into Where Monsters Dwell every Wednesday evening and enjoy the fun.

Anyways, click Here to listen to the Interview at Where Monsters Dwell

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