Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Buys

So my local comic book store had some really sweet deals yesterday during Black Friday.  50% off all trade paperbacks with a 30% discount on all hardcovers.  In addition, the back issue section had been reduced to $1.00 price marks, with many other great discounts on statues and other comic related material.  (No discounts on supplies though, sniff.)

I immediately went to the back issue sections for DC, list of what I need in hand and began running through their selections.  It's not the most plentiful selection ever, but still very big none-the-less.  But much to my dismay, any back issue they had that I wanted I already owned.  sad times indeed.  However, I did notice that the Great Ten miniseries was all there in individual issues.  After confirming that a TPB wasn't in the works, I grabbed all nine issues and tucked them underneath my arm.

After another 15 minutes scrummaging through back issues, I then migrated towards the TPB section and picking up the Batman: Nightfall series.  You know, when Batman's back was broken by the infamous Bane?  I already know how the story ends, but I never actually read it since my Batman fix was being satisfied by the Batman adventures at the time.  I figured i should own the entire run from that arc since it's such an important part of Batman's life.

Once I decided my Black Friday Shopping was done, I purchased my items and left...right as a HORDE of mom's with their little boys came rushing into the store!  As I waited for every mother and child to come through the door, I then had to wait for another large group of comic fans, all dressed in in shirts bearing the top superheroes of comics to date.  As i left the store, i looked back and saw that it was just as crowded as any other store you might find at the mall on black Friday.  Glad I got there earlier rather than later!

Well, that was the extent of my Black Friday shopping experience...and I don't think i will ever want anything more strenuous.  For the rest of you shoppers out there, please be careful and don't allow your love of material possessions put your life in danger!  For those of you are sitting at home reading this blog and toggling back and forth from internet fun to comic book reading craziness, here's handful of some of my favorite Batman photos and art.  Enjoy!

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