Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bloggers Of Note: Hero Press

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When all hope is lost, and cable is beyond my reach, I look towards one very awesome blog to keep me updated on the finer things within the sci-fi world and all its nerdifying excellence.  

Hero Press not only gives you the low down about the comic world, it extends it's interests and knowledge into the world of fantasy television, novels, film, and other forms of literature.  I can't imagine anyone who loves sci-fi and fantasy NOT being apart of this very informative blog.

Don't be thrown off by the "blogger" label though.  Unlike most comic book bloggers out there who write with very little intelligible use of the English language, Hero Press brings us very insightful and clever posts that will satisfy both your need to know what's going on and you literary desires.  With the blogging alias, The Acrobatic Flea, our RPG mock-up of a very popular villain shows his ability to not only to have excellent literary skills, but also to be incredibly clever and fun with every post installment on his blog.

Out of all the blogs I subscribe to, "Hero Press" is among the three I look forward to reading the most on a daily basis.  Thank you Mr. Flea, keep up the good work!


  1. Oh my God! Thank you so much for this - totally unexpected and very flattering. You're too kind :D

  2. No problem man. I always try to support and spread the word about really good blogs!