Sunday, November 7, 2010

Less Is More...

It's true, there doesn't need to be so much of a good thing in order to understand that it's sexy.  I'm unsure of who the artist is, but this does verge on the ridiculous.  Emma Frost's boobs aren't even as big as Power Girl's or Wonder Woman's, but this panel just seems to be keeping the focus on the cleavage rather than anything else.  Maybe it's supposed to be funny, but te only thing drawn well here IS the cleavage.  Everything else about her is poorly drawn.  

I don't think I've ever seen Emma Frost drawn in such poor fashion, everything from her face to her skinny and up proportional arms.  It seems like artists are doing this more and more; going more for a sex appeal rather than creating good artwork.

Sex appeal comes along with the comic book territory, I know that.  But  I would really like to see artists take a stab at bringing the breast size down a bit if it means focusing more on quality than quantity.

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