Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter Hits Theaters Today!!!

Well, it actually hit midnight on Thursday, but that's not what's important.  What IS important is that I have tickets to see the film with my lovely wife and two other friends.  Fandango is my friend!

I've been super excited for this movie since I first saw the trailer.  I don't know why though since my excitement will only end in torture since the second part of this film wont come for another six months!  Ugh, why must they do this to me.

The Deathly Hallows comes to us as probably THE most anticipated film of the year.  I was actually becoming a little over anxious due to the lack of really good films that have come out at this point in the year.  "We need something spectacular" I kept thinking to myself, but the wait kept on a-goin' and the movies kept getting lamer and lamer.  but now that it's finally here, I can rest easy and watch it with much rejoicing.

So here's my checklist for things I will do my best to do while watching the film....

1. I will keep an open mind.  This isn't the novel, which means things could be changed or altered slightly to help serve the the story as a film.  I must be concerned with the film IN and OF ITSELF!

2. Take into consideration that the director has a vision for the film and it may or may not line up EXACTLY with J.K. Rowling's vision.  As long as the film works, I'll be happy.

It will be hard for us hardcore "bookies" who like films based on novels to be exactly like the novel, but film can't work that way.  It's a different medium and must be treated as such.  So I implore everyone to keep an open mind for the first part in the last story of Mr. Potter.

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