Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Comic Book Review: Batman The Return #1 - One Shot

Literary & Artistic Credits
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: David Finch
Colorist: Peter Steigerwald
Inker: Batt & Ryan Wynn
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover Art: David Finch & Gene Ha
Editor: Mike Marts

Batman Created By Bob Kane

My Awe-Inspiring Opinion
So there I was, sitting in bed ready to open up Morrison’s Batman: The Return one shot, and immediately negative vibes ran through my body.  I already hate the idea of bringing Bruce Wayne back just because fans are unable to deal with Bruce Wayne dying, but I also hate the idea which is the focus of this issue…A Batman Justice League.

Batman has gone through a plethora of changes for the last decade and a half.  Identity Crisis changed him into a cold hearted bastard, Infinite Crisis made him a lot more likeable, 52 gave him a complete make-over for the worst, and then R.I.P completely shattered everything decent that batman had become up to that point.  Now the next stage within the life of Batman has occurred, and I can’t convince myself that this is a good thing,

The issue itself is quite good; allowing Bruce Wayne to finally enjoy being the Caped Crusader and giving new direction for the entire Batman family.  In fact this one shot introduces a new addition to the Bat-villain line-up; The Leviathan.  Morrison presents this mysterious team as terrifyingly hideous and grotesque, even though we haven’t actually seen the leader’s face.  This only added to the dark and gothic nature of the book which appeals to my literary taste buds.

I’m sure Morrison also has to deal with the DC hierarchy as well as I’m sure the numerous Bat-titles are, for the most part, being forced upon DC’s writers regardless of what they think.  But what is clear in this issue is Morrison’s undeniable vision he’s had for Batman since he began writing R.I.P.  And, no doubt, much of what’s happening with Batman currently is due to the drugged-up mind of Grant Morrison.  While the writing of this issue, in and of itself is great, the thematic prose that the Incorporated Batman team presents is only appealing in theory and disregards everything Batman has become to fans everywhere. 

In addition, having Batman in charge of one team makes it very difficult for him to continue on with the JLA.  But I guess if Green Lantern can serve on two teams, why not Bruce Wayne right?

However, I must give the writer props for giving Batman a very focus and deliberate storyline that has been severely lacking in Morrison’s comic book work for the last few years.  The beginning of two new events starts here; the Batman Incorporated and the Leviathan, and it’s all very focused and not wavering in its intentions.

The beginning of this comic was fantastic but confusing, I’m sure for those who did not read Return of Bruce Wayne.  But it fits this “new beginning” which Batman is undergoing right now in probably the best way to start the issue.

David Finch does a great job with the panels and makes it fit right in with Morrison’s story telling.  The new Bat suit design is top notch and seems to be a lot more realistic with the seams and stitching.  And I actually enjoy having the Yellow emblem back on the breast of Batman.

My Majestically Climactic Conclusion
The issue itself is fine and well written but will potentially presents many problems in continuity and in keeping true with the Batman mentality.

Rating: 6.33 out of 10
Writing: 8
Art: 9
Themes: 2

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