Friday, December 25, 2009

Comic Book Review: Blackest Night JSA #1

Book Information
Written by James Robinson; Art by Eddy Barrows and Ruy José; Cover by Eddy Barrows; Variant cover by Gene Ha

Mr. Terrific does what he does best and studies the bodies of the now inactive Black Lanterns Superman and Psycho-Pirate in an attempt to figure why the Black Lanterns exist.  However, dark events are happening as the original Sandman, Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight have risen as zombie lanterns.  And as their first task, they lead a horde of Black Lanterns from New York to the JSA Brownstone.  Will the JSA be able to overpower the oncoming evil, or will they fall to their predecessors?

My Thoughts
Robinson finally delivered a stellar issue with Justice League #40.  That was the issue that told me he finally found his stride once again and was out of the “bad story-telling” outfit.  But this issue just proves that, when it comes to James Robinson, the quality of his writing will always be a toss-up. 

Keep in mind, the concept of this issue is great.  Having the JSA predecessors come back to hunt down and murder the JSA is just as much of an emotional train wreck as anything else that’s happened in the Blackest Night series.  I don’t doubt Robinson’s ability to create wonderfully creative concepts and ideas in his work, but I recently have been unable to invest myself into his stories.  BL: JSA #1 takes advantage of some great moments, but does not come out well from page to page. 

However, I will give Robinson two thumbs up when it comes to Power Girl.  As a reader, I could feel just from the writing itself how angry and vengeful Power Girl became upon learning of Superman’s (of her Earth) death.  Her reasoning for being so angry is not because Superman (of our Earth) or Superboy killed him, nor was it due to Wildcat’s ill-timed comment; rather it was because Kara’s Superman was dead and (in her own mind) at peace.  Kara feels the one responsible for raising these dead Lanterns are now being disturbed from their tombs and tortured by some force controlling the black rings.  This is a powerful moment in the book and Robinson does deserve credit for writing it so well.

The art is amazing.  Eddy Barrows is truly making himself known in the DCU with his clearly defined and intricate art work.  Pages six and seven have to be one of the best two paged spreads I’ve seen in a while; very dark, bloody and sinister all at the same time.  I think we are going to see a lot more of Eddy Barrows in the future.

Some moments of brilliance, but mostly not worth its weight in gold.  This had so much potential flowing through it and Robinson didn’t take advantage of what he was given.  Now it could be that this is just the beginning and maybe I need to wait it out and see what Robinson has in store for us.  However, this issue can’t stand on its own and wasn’t worth the time it took to read it.  However, if you just like comics foe the art work, then I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming January 27, 2010
BLACKEST NIGHT continues! Black Lantern Lois Lane tracks down her undead husband, but their reunion could mean Power Girl's funeral! Don't miss this terrifying tie-in from James Robinson and Eddy Barrows!

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