Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comic News: Kevin Smith's "Green Hornet" Comic and Flim

Kevin Smith's newest creative stride is going to hit comic book stores very soon.  As to when, I'm not sure.  But I might have to stray away from my loyalty to DC for this 10 issue mini series.  I like what Kevin Smith does over all, and this should be a fun mini series to read in preparation for the movie.  Here's what Kevin Smith says about his upcoming project...

"It’s not a straight-up adaptation of the Green Hornet movie script I wrote some years back, it’s definitely gonna take its cues from that script - just as that script took its cues from all the source material available (radio, TV, comics). So this is about as close as I’ll get to making that Green Hornet flick I walked away from directing all those years ago."

Here are some of the covers that will be coming out for the first issue.  And I must say, John Cassaday is amazing....

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