Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Iron Man 2 Poster....War Machine is Coming

Iron man sucks, it really does. But this poster is pretty cool. I wonder how much idiocy will be put into this second installment of the Iron man franchise. Will Tony Stark have a lot of dumb one liners? Will we know who the bad guy is right off the bat? Will the script be a huge piece of random jargon hoping to make some semblance of an intelligently written plot? Will more time be spent on making things look pretty rather than making sure the entertainment value is more than just blowing things up and showing off how “second-rate” their animation skills are?

Yes, it probably will. And the rest of the world will accept it as a good movie and continue to be ignorant and foolish and walk away from the theaters unable to express how in “awe” they were of Robert Downey Jr.’s good looks.

Ugh! Please Nolan, bring us a third Batman film!

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