Sunday, December 13, 2009

Comic Book Review: Justice League of America #39

Written by James Robinson
Art and cover by Mark Bagley

The Justice League enter the Hall of Justice only to find their villain graveyard has been infiltrated by black rings.  The League desperately looks for these Zombie Lanterns in the dark hoping they wont run into anyone too powerful and difficult to send back to the grave.  Sadly, this is not the case as they are approached by some of their most dreaded villains and heroes from their past.

My Thoughts
As much of a disappointment and poorly written title that the Justice League: Detroit was, bringing Vibe back from the dead was a pretty nice move on Robinson’s part.  He might have been a fairly insignificant hero, but he sure does pack a punch.  This issue was a perfect example of nostalgia at its most terrifying level; a team that was obviously a failure is being wished back by someone who truly wanted it to work and will see to it that it does.  Now granted, these risen Lanterns are obviously NOT the people who were alive prior, but the memories and feelings are the same, which means there is the possibility that everything being described by each zombie of what they want to do has a hint of truth, which makes everything that much more terrifying. 

I loved how strong Zatanna stayed when confronted by her father as a Black Lantern.  And the same goes for Dr. Light when she also finds her predecessor.  Both women showed strength beyond expectations at the same degree that Wonder Woman showed when faced with Maxwell Lord.  Perhaps having Dr. Light in the upcoming League will be a much more positive thing than I previously thought.

Mark Bagely does good work with this issue.  The fight scenes between Zatanna and Zatara were so incredible beautiful (however terrifying) along with the grotesque image of the former Dr. Light licking the salty head of Firestorms girlfriend.  The use of light and dark could not have been better.  I would argue this is some of Bagely’s best work in his entire career.  However, I did find it strange and awkward for about 2 seconds when Zatara looked as if he was grabbing his Zatanna’s boobs.  Don’t worry, I know that he was going for her heart, and to rip someone’s heart out with their bare hands you have to plunge right into the center of the breast.  But my first reaction was “wait a second, daddy is gabbing his daughters boobs.  Something is wrong here.”  But then I got over myself and forgot about it.

Fantastic!  Best issue in the JLA title in about a year.  James Robinson finally delivers with something good, and completely outdoes the evil reign of McDuffie.

7.5 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming December 16, 2009
The JLA can't escape the BLACKEST NIGHT! Faced with the continuing threat of the Black Lanterns, Zatanna, Vixen and the rest of the team confront their pasts when fallen friends and foes return for blood!

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  1. Thanks for this review, I was just on the verge of dropping JLA - but now I think I'll hang on a bit longer.