Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Now don't get all excited yet guys and gals, you may be disapointed.  How many times in the GL corps have we gotten really excited and we find ourselves disapointed?  Isn't this a common thread, not just for the GL Corps, but for a lot of storylines in the DCU?

And example: Abin Sur rose from the dead in Green Lantern Corps #47, and at the end of that issue we got all excited and couldn't wait for next months issue to see how the utilize that plot device.  It was a huge deal on the DC Comics facebook group and everyone was wondering how the heck this was going to pan out.  But then, when the next issue came out the following month, we only find Abin in a few pages and defeated as quickly as he came.  WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT!! 

This type of thing happens so often in the DCU, yet we as fans continually get excited about something that has the possibility of letting us down!  It's ok to get excited about something in a storyline, but let's not get so excited that the eventual outcome is going to be a let down because it didn't meet our expectations.  Yeah, guy turning into a Red Lantern is a great idea, but how long will it last?  I mean come on, how long did Hal Jordan have the orange ring?  Maybe a few panels?  Don't let this news of Guy build up to much, otherwise you might be disapointed.

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