Monday, December 14, 2009

Top Ten Comics For November

10. Batman #693
I'm so glad to have Judd Winick off this title, it made such a difference.  He does very well on some things, but Batman is not his forte.  It had some flaws, but this issue certainly made some leaps in establishing Dick as a confident Batman.

9. Green Lantern #48
This issue was amazing.  I can see why Spike TV named it the best comic book series of 2009.  When I put out my "Best of 2009" list, I wont have Green Lantern up so high, but it will definitely be up there.

8. Justice Society of America: 80 Paged Giant
This was such a better issue then the crappy Justice League 80 pager.  It kept continuity in check and gave us a good teaser as to what may come.

7. Batman and Robin #6
Grant Morrison continues to dazzle me with great storylines.  I'm continually keep my fingers crossed that he will not go his normal route of building up great stuff, and then falling flat on his face later.

6. Justice League #39
This issue certainly took me by surprise as to how well it was written.  Robinson hasn't been doing a good job as of late what with "Cry for Justice" and the earlier issues of JLA.  But this was a pleasant surprise and worthy of top ten status.  Which is good, JLA is MY book and it makes me sad to see the title have poor stories.

5. Supergirl #47
It's those emotionally packed issues that truly make me get so invested into the story.  Supergirl is such a good title with Sterling Gates at the wheel.

4. Superman: Secret Origin #3
Itr's funny to think of Metropolis as Superman-less.  Geoff Johns truly is a master at putting a new twist on the Superman "stereotype."

3. Blackest Night #5
Wow, I certainly wasn't seeing that ending coming.  Way to go Johns!

2. Wonder Woman #38
Gail Simone, if I wasn't married I'd propose to her right now!  She has done something with Wonder Woman that I didn't think possible, given her more heart and humanity than any other hero in comics today.  You'll be seeing Simone on my "best writers" list in a few months.

1. Secret Six #15
There's nothing more emtionally vigorating than witnessing a person come to terms with him or herself.  Ostrander brings Deadshot down to a human level, while at the same time maintaining that evil, sadistic side that fans all know and love.

Just when I thought nothing could beat out my top five comics for 2009 that I currently have, this issue comes around and knocks my socks off.  If you haven't read this issue, please do!  It is worth reading for any comic book fan.

My list for "The Best of 2009" will be coming out shortly after the second week in January.  If you have suggestions for what you think is the best, please write it down in a comment.  Here are the categories...

1. Best Comic Book
2. Best Title
3. Best Mini-Series (must end in december of 2009 to qualify)
4. Best Writer
5. Best Artist
6. Best Hero
7. Best Villain
8. Best Story-Arc (must end in 2009 to qualify)

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