Thursday, December 10, 2009

Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman #38

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan
Cover by Aaron Lopresti

Alkyone has taken things beyond everyone’s expectations, even Achilles.  Wonder Woman is in prison and has threatened to kill her mother if she tries to escape.  Now as Wonder Woman awaits her death sentence, the rest of the village, who is against this unjust action, must decide where their loyalties lie and if that loyalty is worth the price.

My Thoughts
I read this issue twice.  The first time I wasn’t sold on it.  There seemed to be something lacking with this story but I couldn’t pin point it.  I then decided to give it a second read through, and to my surprise, the second reading was a huge difference.  I found different aspects of the story very appealing and motivating; a more profound message was there that I didn’t see when reading it the first time.

This issue was much more character driven than anything else, and I think that’s what threw me off in the first reading.  I was expecting something different and not reading the issue for what it actually was.  This issue gives a clear voice and motivation to every character.  Diana has a very passive approach to life and accepts it for what it is, but does not allow that to keep her from fighting.  And with the help of Artemis, who is an even more determined individual than Wonder Woman, she reminds her of who she is and why it’s important to fight for what is right.  Achilles, however misguided and unworthy he is to take over as ruler of Paradise Island and the Amazons, portrays a certain amount of dignity in which the readers can respect and support.  I was very surprised in how unsupportive he was of Alkyone’s decision to put Wonder Woman to death.  It showed me that really does want justice and does care for the people he rules over.  And even with Alkyone going all “looney tuney” on us, there is still motivation that is clearly defined and illustrated.  To a certain extent you can respect and sympathize with her; maybe even understand WHY she is taking the actions she is.

Again, Aaron Lopresti brings an unmatched level of artistic ability that puts him among the best comic book artists to have ever lived.  Every page gives us superbly sculpted characters that show incredible emotions and meaningful expressions.  Yet, even with Lopresti personifying each person so perfectly, there is a level of planned imperfection that melds with Simone’s writing style perfectly.  The team of Simone and Lopresti is perfect in every way and can never be matched or bettered.

One of the best for the month of November.  This Story is building up so much that I can’t figure out if it’s going to beat out the last story arc or not.  Two Thumbs Up!

9.5 out of 10 stars.

Next Issue Coming December 23, 2009
This is it! The secret behind Wonder Woman's new power and the true meaning of the Olympian are revealed right here!

It's an all-out action issue as Diana faces an old foe with a hideous new face!

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