Monday, December 28, 2009

Comic News: Top 100 Comic Book Storylines Masterlist

So I'm a little late in seeing this, but I had to post this.  According to comic book resources, a poll was taken (who the voters were I have no idea) of the greatest 100 comic book storylines ever written.  Now I wont be posting the ENTIRE list, I'll let you do that yourself by clicking here, but I will post the top ten from that list and summarize the conversation I had with two friends.  This list goes as follows...

10. Maus: A Survivors Tale. By Art Spiegelman.  723 points, 17 first place points
9. Kingdom Come, By Mark Waid and Alex Ross.  740 points, 19 first place points
8. Seasons of Mist, By Neil Gaiman. 752 points, 18 first place points
7. Crisis on Infinite Earths, By George Perez.  782 points, 24 first place points
6. All Star Superman, By Grant Morrison. 930 points, 34 first place points
5. Dark Knight Returns, By Frank Miller. 1112 point, 24 first place points.
4. Batman: Year One, By Frank Miller.  1149 points, 21 first place points
3. Daredevil: Born Again, By Frank Miller.  1349 point, 29 first place points
2. The Dark Pheonix Saga, By Chris Claremont and John Bryne.  1472 points with 59 first place
1. Watchmen, By Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons.  2003 points, 78 first place points.

Now I for one am pleased to see Watchmen made the number one spot; rightly deserved.  Watchmen is and always will be the greatest graphic novel of all time.  Not just because of the strides it took as a new way of writing a Graphic Novel, but purely on the face of how intelligently written it is.  Alan Moore is a genius and is just as great of a writer as Neil Gaiman.

However, I am disappointed to see Grant Morrison making the top ten list with his piece of garbage storyline "All-Star Superman."  That series was the one of the biggest wastes of time that I wish I could get back.  For some reason, people like what he writes.

And of course, like always, Frank Miller gets more of the spotlight than he deserves.  If there's one writer whose worse than Morrison, it's Miller.  But even with that said, I love his Sin City series can't believe DKR made it higher than that!  It blows my mind by how much people seemed to love Millers work.

I'm glad to see Neil Gaiman made the top 100 list, as well as Maus.  I probably would have put Maus a little higher in the ten, but oh well.

Make sure you go to Comic Book Resources and check out the whole list.

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